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Having a problem with a radio?



Listed below are the current radio models we provide and their associated warranties: 

  • Sure-Response MICRO 22 - 1 Year Warranty

  • Sure-Response SR-3 - 1 Year Warranty 

  • Sure-Response SR-3202 - 2 Year Warranty 

  • Sure-Response SR-4202 - 2 Year Warranty

  • Hytera TC-320 - 1 Year Warranty 

  • Hytera TC-508 - 2 Year Warranty 

  • Hytera PD-362i - 3 Year Warranty 

  • Hytera BD-502i - 3 Year Warranty 

  • Hytera PD-482i - 3 Year Warranty

Flat-Rate Repair

Flat-rate repairs are available after a radio's warranty has expired. Listed below are the current radio models we provide and their associated flat-rate repair charges: 


  • Sure-Response MICRO 22 - $50.00

  • Sure-Response SR-3 - $50.00

  • Sure-Response SR-3202 - $75.00

  • Sure-Response SR-4204 - $75.00

  • Hytera TC-320 - $75.00

  • Hytera TC-508 - $75.00

  • Hytera PD-362i - $100.00

  • Hytera BD-502i - $100.00

  • Hytera PD-482i - $100.00


Return Material Authorization Procedure 


Please be aware that you must obtain a return materials authorization (RMA) number in order to submit your request. Returned units without an RMA request will cause delays.


To request an RMA number, please download the RMA form here and complete it with as much detail as possible. You can also request an RMA form from any Sure-Response team member. Please email the completed form to or  you can fax it to 1-888-530-5676. One of our service specialists will contact you after receiving your request. 


After the RMA number has been issued, a confirmation e-mail or fax will be sent to you detailing the RMA number, RMA terms and conditions, products and quantities authorized for return, and the shipping address details. 


Please include a printed copy of the RMA confirmation email in the box with the returned products. The box should be labeled "Attention Service Department" and sent to the address provided in the e-mail or fax confirmation. 

Please use the original packaging, including any anti-static and foam wrapping on all returned products. If the original product packaging is no longer available, adequate packing must be used to ensure the safe delivery of the returned items. Sure-Response cannot be held responsible for freight damage that occurs in transit to our location. 




Regular testing procedures cannot identify many intermittent problems. Unless noted in advance, intermittent problems can easily be missed. "Does not work properly" and "broken" are examples of generic descriptions that are of no value to the trouble-shooting process. Please make sure to note any accessories that you are sending with your radio (battery, belt clip, etc.).

Please provide as many details as you can in the "Description of Issue" section on the RMA request form to help us to expedite the repair process.


Note 2: DAMAGE


In-warranty and out-of-warranty products can incur costs through physical damage, water damage, misuse, cosmetic damage, or no problem found. In the event that no hardware problems can be found with the unit, you may be responsible for hourly labor fee and will be notified if applicable. 

Instructions for ordering replacement power cords, accessory cables or other accessories can be provided by any Sure-Response team member. 




For both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, you are responsible to pay for the freight expenses incurred during the RMA procedure.


sure-Response will only cover the shipping fees for items that are returned within the 1st 30 days of the warranty.


As a service provider, we value your support. Our goal is to provide you with the very best customer service experience. Please help us to process your repairs/claims as quickly as possible by following the above procedure.



Thank You!


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