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About Sure-Response

At Sure-Response, our purpose is to provide you with the best communication solutions that are easy-to-use and reliable so you can focus on the best patient care and satisfaction. We are an independently owned and operated manufacturer and dealer, meaning we have control over the production and quality of our products, so you get the best available equipment every time you purchase from us. 


We were founded in 2008 with the sole focus of solving one of the most frustrating and time-consuming issues in healthcare: finding and implementing secure, easy, reliable team communication. Sure-Response solves this issue by offering unique products from both our own proprietary line as well as partnerships formed with a small group of hand-selected manufacturers. By providing commercial-grade, hand-held, two-way radios and nursing call system integration tools that improve staff-to-staff communication, we have established our niche in the two-way radio market. 


Our Radio Integration System allows for alarm notifications to come across our many brands of digital and analog radios, reducing the need for carrying multiple devices while increasing ease of use. This enables staff to communicate efficiently, eliminating the need for disruptive overhead paging and improving patient safety and satisfaction.

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