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Analog Radios

Analog Anchor


Our newest product and successor to the best-selling Micro 16 radio, the Micro 22 boasts a reinforced body design and nearly double the battery capacity of its predecessor. Small convenient size and ease-of-use makes this radio an ideal choice for users needing a compact and effective communication option.

1-watt 16 channel 4.6oz.

Includes a 1400mAh Li-Ion battery, belt clip, neck lanyard, charging cup, and USB AC power adapter.


Our new SR-3 builds upon the successes of the SR-2, bringing 2 watts of transmission power in a compact yet rugged body. New features include a back-lit LCD display for improved readability, an emergency LED flashlight, and a more accessible headset connection port with dust cover.

2-watt 99 channel 5.4oz.

Includes a 1200mAh Li-Ion battery, belt clip, antenna, wrist strap, and charging cup with integrated AC power cord.


The TC-320 is a durable, analog 2-watt radio solution for your communication needs. It has a simple and elegant design and is very easy to use.

2-watt 16 channel 5.5oz.

Includes a 1700mAh Li-Ion battery, belt clip, antenna, lanyard, and AC power adapter.


For larger businesses and/or multiple buildings, the 4-watt TC-508 is a high-performance radio in a durable body. It boasts a large, powerful speaker for noisy workplaces and an outstanding 14-hour average battery life.

4-watt 16 channel 10.4oz

Includes a 1650mAh Li-Ion battery, belt clip, wrist strap, charging cup, and AC power adapter.


Digital Radios

Digital Anchor


The PD-362 is a best-selling digital/analog hybrid boasting up to 3 watts of power in a sleek and attractive design. The two-line LCD display can also be used to receive text alerts from a nurse call system when using the Sure-Response radio integration system (RIS). 

3-watt 128 channel 6.2oz.

Includes a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery, belt clip, wrist strap, and AC power adapter.



The BD-502 is proof that transitioning to digital does not have to be complicated as it can also be programmed to talk to analog radios as well. With a sturdy design, easy-to-use controls, and crystal-clear DMR audio quality, this radio brings powerful 4-watt transmission strength to larger businesses and/or multiple buildings.

4-watt 48 channel 8.8oz.

Includes a 1500mAh Li-Ion battery, belt clip, wrist lanyard, antenna, charging cup, and AC power adapter.



The SR-4204 is a versatile 4-watt radio that can be configured for a wide variety of usages, including analog, digital, UHF or VHF, and DTMF tone signaling. Features include an emergency LED flashlight, a full back-lit LCD display, and a full numeric keypad.

4-watt 1024 channel 9oz.

Includes a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery, belt clip,  antenna, charging cup, and AC power adapter.



The PD-482 is stuffed full of industry-leading features, such as a high contrast OLED display, digital and analog compatibility, DTMF signaling from a full numeric keypad, and a staggering 22-hour average battery life. Also available with optional GPS and Bluetooth compatibility.

4-watt 128 channel 11.4oz.

Includes a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery, belt clip, wrist strap, antenna, charging cup, and AC power adapter.


Base Radios



The analog Ritron PBS-447D requires an AC outlet which is perfect for an area where being mobile isn't necessary such as a front entrance or welcome desk. Guest Service personnel will always have access to a radio without the worries of battery power.


2-Watt 8 Channel 450-470MHZ.


Includes Wall Transformer and antenna.




Hytera’s 25-watt repeater make this a perfect solution to increase your facilities coverage needs. Installed near the center of your campus, this device will repeat and extend your communication.

Contact a Sure-Response Representative for more information and details on how to maximize your

Headset Earpieces

We offer a full range of ambidextrous headsets in a variety of earpieces.

*Headset connectors vary per radio model. Not all individual headsets are compatible with each radio model.

**Other earpiece styles may be available in limited stock quantities. Contact your Sure-Response sales representative to inquire.

Accessories and Replacement Parts

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