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Nurse Call Integration

Our Nurse Call Radio Integration System™ easily adds radio technology to your existing pager-enabled nurse call system, allowing your staff to hear or read pager messages through a small two-way radio. This frees up their hands and eyes to focus on patient care, while easily communicating with each other as needed.

The Radio Integration System™ is the perfect way to add PTT technology to an existing pager-supporting nurse call system. Utilizing the notification from your nurse call system, our system simply emulates pager technology along with state-of-the-art Microsoft® technology and analog or digital Radio technology to transmit your pager messages to commercial radios.
The integration system comes complete and ready to seamlessly connect with your existing or new nurse call system. Simply connect to your system with the included DB9 Serial or USB cable, position the antenna, connect to the Internet, plug in the 120v AC power and turn it on. Our accessible support team is always ready to assist you with any configuration needed, ensuring simple and flawless integration with your existing analog or digital system.

How does it work?



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Once connected via DB9 Serial or USB to your Nurse Call System, the appliance waits for notification messages.



Once a notification message is received, it is decoded to determine which channel and what priority to assign the transmission.



Depending on your radio system choice it utilizes Microsoft Text-to-Speech engine OR Digital Radio Technology (DMR) to transmit the message to the requested radio channel. The message is sent via text to Hytera PD3, PD5 and PD6 series radios OR The message is translated to voice using MS text-to-voice then broadcast to the appropriate channel.


Compatible with a variety of industry-standard systems



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Internet access and TeamViewer is required for install or support assistance.
SURE-RESPONSE currently holds a commercial license for TeamViewer version 11.
You can download our TeamViewer version free of charge here ->

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