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Enjoy the Benefits of Change Without the Hassle

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

by Cheyanne Stevens October 13, 2021

Need to save time and money? Looking for an upgrade?

It’s difficult to embrace change sometimes, especially in the assisted living facility environment where a comfortable routine and familiar tools are imperative to a productive day. But what if you could upgrade your experience with none of the hassle of training time and dealing with capital expenditures? Even keep some of the old equipment you know and love while still introducing something new? Could it really be that easy? With Sure Response’s help, it really is!

Spend Time to Get Time

Here at Sure-Response we know how valuable your time is. Not only will integrating radios into your senior care community save each employee 303 hours¹ per year in time and decrease response rates to emergencies, but we make sure that adding radios to your toolbelt is simple and fast. It’s shocking just how much time you can save by using instant communication devices that have zero reliance on Wi-Fi networks. In healthcare, every moment matters, and we’re here to help you get the most out of each one.

Walkie talkies, or two-way radios, are easy to use and require little to no training time.
Walkie talkies are so simple to use, even children learn how to use them in minutes!

That brings us to training time. When you get a new piece of equipment or software, it can be overwhelming. However, walkie talkies, or two-way radios, are so simple to use that even children could pick them up and learn how to operate them in minutes. If you only need to communicate with one department, just listen to others and push to talk. If you need to look over multiple departments, scanning is as easy as the flick of a switch. Not every radio has the same capabilities, but all of them are pick and play. That’s just 5 minutes to give your employees the ability to communicate across the entire community in seconds.

The Right, and Most Reliable, Connection

There’s another common device that does something very similar, or at least it seems like it - the cell phone! It’s easy to think that they can replace radios entirely, but that’s just not true. Cell phones are expensive to repair and have unreliable connections, as they require data and/or wi-fi to work properly. Radios on the other hand work entirely independent of data and Wi-Fi networks, meaning that if you have internet connection issues or a shaky cellular signal, you can still quickly and safely communicate with team members. They are also common sights in many different professional settings, which means that your staff can stay discreetly connected with each other without residents or their families wondering why you are using cell phones at work!

Scenario time: Let’s say that Judie, at the front desk, has a potential client on hold. However, Sandra, who is the only person who can answer the client’s question, is currently helping John with a resident. She doesn’t hear the page to her office, and by the time the overhead speaker says her name, she’s washing her hands in the bathroom, and the client on the phone is annoyed at the waiting time. “How long will her poor mother have to wait when she needs help with something?” they wonder. Even with cell phones in this scenario, they simply won’t help. Even if they could answer their phones while caring for a patient, to the casual observer they will be ignoring their charge in favor of their phones. The best solution is that each employee is equipped with a two-way radio: Regardless of whether Sandra is in her office or not, she would hear Judie’s initial call. If she is currently tending to someone else, it will take just a few seconds for John to clarify that she will be responding soon. No panic, no searching, and no annoyed clients.

When You Want Something Old, and Something New

Perhaps you knew that cell phones aren’t always the answer, and you already have radios for some of your most important employees - but chances are your communication among staff can still be improved. Not all radios are created equal, and some radios are better for one department than others. Finding the right ones for your community is our priority.

The BD-502i two-way radio is dust and water resistant, while the SR-2 is rugged and affordable!
The BD-502i (left) is dust and water resistant, while the SR-2 (right) is rugged and affordable! Call us at 1(888)530-5668 to see what works best for your senior assisted living facility.

But Sure-Response, we can’t replace all of our radios right now, you may be saying. Don’t fret, because thanks to our top-notch engineers, you don’t need to replace all of your radios at once! That’s right, if you have radios already, we can calibrate new ones to work on existing channels. That means you don’t need to worry about that capital expenditure report, your budget is safe, and if someone is a little too attached to their ole' reliable, other employees can still enjoy the benefit of a sleek, new communication device.

The process is simple. We will provide a shipping label so that you can send one of your radios, along with its charger, to our team of engineers. After they understand your existing system, they will wire your new radios to connect with the old. From there, we’ll be able to put your specs in our system so that you can order new radios at your leisure, all of which will connect to your existing collection. From the moment you get your label and send out your old radio, it only takes about a week for you to have both your equipment back and your brand new, ready-to-use two-way radios.

Add more equipment as your community grows, or order in bulk to deck out your crew with the latest and greatest. By integrating this instant communication tool into your employee’s toolkit, you are saving time, money, and lives. Talk to one of our representatives at 1(888)530-5668 to find out how much time and money exactly you’ll be saving at your facility when you order from us. This isn’t just equipment, this is an investment.

Sure Response is the Best at What We Do

If you also use pagers, we have options to integrate their messages into your new radios as well with our RIS (Radio Integration System™). There are so many ways that we can introduce our products into your communities to help improve efficiency. Sure Response does not just supply radios for businesses, we specialize in senior living facilities, so we know exactly what you need to get the job done.

Whether you work at an independent living facility, assisted living, or memory care, we are here to help you go confidently with the knowledge that you are always connected to your team. Administration, nurses, maintenance crew, and any employee who has ever needed to find a co-worker will be relieved to have one of our walkie talkies at their side. It doesn’t take long to save time, so act fast and give Sure Response a call.

Sure-Response. We Know Radios.

or give us a call at 1(888)530-5668

¹ We conducted a study with Southern Illinois University to determine how much time an employee spends trying to get into contact with another employee. For more information on how this may be affecting your business, call us at 1(888)530-5668.


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