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Two-Way Radios Catered for Senior Care Communities

Senior care is a quickly growing industry with an incredibly important mission: ensure that the elderly receive the care and support that they require to live vibrantly and safely in times when there is no one else to take the gauntlet. When advanced age is in play, emergency response must be timely, and one way to ensure that your staff stay connected at all times is through two-way radio communication. It’s a tried and true method used in emergency response and hospitals, and is a system older than even senior residents, but is it enough to find affordable walkie-talkies on Amazon? It’s important that when you invest in life-saving equipment that you invest in the company that sells it as well. Sure-Response was made to supply senior care communities with reliable two-way radios and premium customer care for years after the purchase was made.

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Senior Care Community Workers and their Residents | Photo by Pekic on Getty Images

What You Need, Not What They Sell

There’s a vast difference between what is available on the market and what one actually needs. This is true for many things, and it remains so for two-way radios. When it comes to radios, a lot of words can be thrown around, like VHF/UHF, frequencies, and channels. It’s difficult to know exactly what you need, and it’s easy to pay premium prices for features you will never use, like 100+ channels (who needs 100+ conference rooms?) or bulkily framed units meant for outdoor use when most of your property is indoors. With Sure-Response, you will be connected with one of our experts who will gladly take care of the technical jargon for you, and turn your needs into the perfect unit. All you need to know is your facility size, the number of employees to equip, and your budget, and we will lead you right to an affordable and durable solution. Our radios are guaranteed to give you exactly what you need for years to come!

In it for the Long Haul

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Warranty on your Two-Way Radio run out? Sure-Response offers repair options for as low as $75

For years to come? Does that mean our radios will last a long time? Well, of course, but that’s not all that it refers to. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with our radios - that’s as much as 3 years to replace any defective units that malfunction under normal use - Sure-Response offers a flat fix-it fee that lasts for as long as 2 years after your warranty expires. That means that even 5 years down the road, if there’s something wrong with your equipment, we will do our best to find a solution for you for as low as $75, up to $100 depending on the issue. You can count on us to be there for you when you need us; whether it's for a technical problem or faulty hardware, we are here to help.

Premium Options for Senior Care Communities

Sure-Response, to be clear, is not just a two-way radio company with a tilt towards senior care communities, those facilities are the very heart of our business. That’s why we have an incredible offering specifically for those facilities: our Radio Integration System (RIS)!

RIS, nurse calling system, radio integration system
Sure-Response's RIS is a plug and play system!

RIS is a plug-and-play system that connects your two-way radio to your nurse calling system. To be clear, RIS itself is not a nurse calling system - it connects to an existing nurse calling system and translates those alerts so that they go directly to a two-way radio! If you have a two-way radio with a display, you can see the alert in text as on a pager, or our text-to-speech technology can play the alerts aloud even if you don’t have a physical display. The text-to-speech system, provided to us by Microsoft, reads messages clearly and concisely. Two-way radios are an effective solution to eliminating overhead pagers and nurse pagers, and there’s no sitting by a phone waiting for a page-response; with two-way radios you can stay completely mobile and be connected with your nurses. Moreover, pager services require a fee, whereas two-way radio use is completely free. Of course, you may need to consider FCC compliance, which is yet another reason to connect with a Sure-Response agent! We’ll walk you through the whole process, ensuring you get exactly what you need at a premium price.

Cap Ex Creeping Up

Worried about budgeting? We’ll work with you there too! For example, did you know that if you already have two-way radios, you won’t need to replace them all at once? That’s right, we can program our radios to work with most others. That means that if you already have a system in place and a tight budget, we can roll out our equipment to be integrated into your existing line-up little by little. Get the best of both worlds here: Fresh, powerful equipment and green numbers across the board. We’ll do the math, we’ll get you the radios, and you can just sit back and enjoy having another task crossed off your list.

Sure-Response | We Hear You!

How many different ways are there to say that we’re here for you? We’re not sure, but we’ll try to find them all, because it’s true: without senior care communities, there would be no options for the elderly who need that level of care and no family to provide it or no family who can spare the time. You bring vibrancy and life to those in need, and so we want to be there to support you in turn. What are your needs? A low budget, strong radios, better coverage, and clearer audio? Talk to us, let us know, because here at Sure-Response… We Hear You!

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