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Sure-Response FAQ

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In what way do you specialize in senior care?

Sure-Response puts a strong emphasis on delivering two-way radios to senior care communities because we know how important senior care is. Our goal is to assist senior care communities in providing top notch services to their residents while facilitating a healthy environment for the caregivers and staff that work so hard to keep the community together. We have a Communication Evaluation Report that uses real survey data to help communities calculate how many thousands they could save per year by investing in two-way radios, or walkie talkies. This is an essential piece of equipment for security as well as a catalyst for healthy communication among staff in a field where communication is everything. We at Sure-Response know that we have valuable information for any community that gives us a call (1(888)530-5668), and if you do invest in two-way radios, we’ll have your back for years to come. Manufacturers warranties as well as a flat-rate fix-it fee by Sure-Response ensures that your equipment is easy to use and simple to fix in a bind, because we know how valuable that time is to communities and both their administration and maintenance departments.

What do you offer that is unique?

What’s the Difference Between Sure-Response Radios and Cheaply Made Retail Radios?

What if I don’t want to replace all of my radios right now, or I don’t have enough money in the budget this quarter?

Is there a Difference Between Digital and Analog Radios?

What sort of Advantages does a Community with Two-Way Radios have over those without?

Do Cell Phones make Two-Way Radios Obsolete?

How do I know if RIS is right for me?

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