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"Headsets, Holsters, and Batteries.... Oh My!"

Need an accessory or replacement part? We’ve got you!

Having the right accessories can complement your walkie talkie and help you achieve efficient communication. We know that your walkie is your constant companion at work and you need it to work efficiently. At Sure-Response we offer accessories that help your walkie be ready for anything!

There are many reasons why you may find yourself needing an accessory or part. Belt clips break, batteries lose power, or maybe you want a hands free option with one of our headsets. Whatever the reason or accessory, we have you covered!

We have 4 styles of headsets for our radio models: the D-Ring earpiece, the Earhook earpiece, the G Hook earpiece, and the Surveillance earpiece. (Pictures available here, to see styles: Scroll to bottom.)

We also offer replacement parts: belt clips, antennas, battery covers, charging cups, screws, battery latch (for the SR-3 model), or PTT button covers (for the TC-320 model). We also have you covered for batteries. We have spare or back up batteries available for all models. Whether your battery is losing power quicker than it used to, or if you just want to have spare batteries charged and ready to go for the next shift! We also have 6 unit charging stations available for most models.

Worried about carrying your radio? We have wrist and neck lanyards available for most models. We also have a belt holster/holder that fits most radio models.

Accessories and replacement parts can help extend the life of your radio and keep your radio working more efficiently for you!! Sure-Response does not just sell radios, we are your communication partner! We are here for those little things that mean a lot!

If you are looking for something specific that you do not see on our website (accessories are on the radio page at the bottom) or that was not mentioned here….. Just ask! We have helped many customers get that special accessory they are looking for!

Sure-Response. We Hear You!

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