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Hassle-free Replacement Radios

There are literally thousands of senior care communities in the United States who use walkie talkie radios as a crucial mandatory business tool for staff communication. We have been providing quality business-grade radios to many, many of these communities since 2008. As we talk with decision makers every day, one of the biggest, most common challenges we hear about is radios not being able to talk with other radios within their respective community.

Does this sound familiar? You have several radios still working fine, but have a few that need to be replaced. Now where did I get the last ones? Oh well, these radios I found on Amazon look similar to mine. A radio is a radio, right? The new radios come in and they don’t talk to the existing ones. You search for answers on the Internet and end up wasting precious time and money. Radios have now officially become a hassle and you have to order several more radios like the ones you just ordered even though you really don’t need them.

There are a plethora of versions of the above scenario, but I think you get the point. As a director, you already have plenty on your plate without having to worry about whether your radios are working right or not. That’s where we come in. We understand radios and we understand senior care communities. Let’s talk about a way to replace your radios that’s simple and worry free.

Step # 1 - Call us! Our industry experts will find out exactly what type and model of radio you are currently using. They will look at your building via Google Maps and ask you a series of pertinent questions regarding your community and any and all challenges you may be having with your current radios. They will then provide you with a quote for a perfect Sure-Response replacement model.

Step # 2 - Upon approval of the quote, Sure-Response will immediately send you a shipping label to send us one of your existing radios (that works well) along with a charger. It’s important that the existing radio does work and we need the charger to make sure that the radio is fully charged. Our technicians can then read your radio and document the frequency programming data. They then program the new Sure-Response replacement radios that you get from us to work seamlessly with your existing radios. Guaranteed! Since we have the data documented, you never have to send us a radio again and you can replace radios at your own pace as needed.

Step # 3 - We ship you programmed and ready to use (you will need to charge them) Sure-Response replacement radios as well as your existing radio and charger that you sent us. You are happy campers because everything worked as promised.

Step # 4 - You call or email us when needing additional radios and we will program and ship them out the same day or next business day depending upon the time that the order is received.

Step # 5 - You now have a partner in the communications business. We are only a phone call or email away from answering any questions that you may have or addressing any concerns. We also have a Customer Care Team that will contact you quarterly to make sure that your equipment is working well.

Note - If your community is currently not using radios, please refer back to step # 1. We will guide you through the process of selecting the right radios for you based on your community and its respective needs. There is no cookie cutter approach as we understand that your staff needs radios that fit their needs and that they can depend on.

It makes good sense to work with established industry professionals versus working with fly by night radio sellers who are here today and gone tomorrow.

  • We provide business grade radios that are affordable, yet durable. As the old cliché states and is still true today, “you get what you pay for”.

  • We are a full sales and service company that stands behind our products with exceptional support, warranties, and repair services.

  • We understand the differences between 1 watt, 2 watt, 3 watt, and 4 watt radios. We understand the differences between UHF and VHF radios. We gladly share our knowledge to guide you to the correct radios for your community.

  • We understand the FCC guidelines and rules concerning FCC licenses and who is required or may need to have them. We have an FCC coordinator on staff to facilitate FCC license applications with the FCC.

  • We offer a radio integration system (RIS) that integrates with your existing nurse call system and allows the nurse call alerts to go straight to your radios. For communities where the nurses carry pagers, this can eliminate the need and the cost of pagers and your nurses will only have to carry one device. The alerts can be sent to most UHF radios as a verbal alert over the speaker of the radio. We also have a proprietary Sure-Response radio that allows the alerts to come across as text on the LCD of the radio.

  • We offer a full array of accessories for all of our radios including several styles of headsets, 6 gang chargers, and more.

  • For larger communities with coverage issues, we offer repeaters and all of the related hardware needed. Having worked with thousands of communities, we have provided repeaters as needed, but have found that if the proper radios are in place, only a very small number of communities actually require them.

  • We have radios in stock and ready to be programmed and shipped out.

We understand that the ultimate goal is all about the residents and providing them with a safe and comfortable home. We also know that when your staff’s internal communication is top notch and they have the correct radios in place at their community that they can rely on, this makes achieving this goal much, much easier to achieve. Don’t let maintaining your radios be a burden. We are here to help and give you one less task to worry about. Call us today.

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