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Senior Care

Why do senior care communities use two-way radios? 

We have been proudly serving the senior care industry since 2008 and have provided two-way radio equipment to thousands of communities. Along the way, we have spoken to locations who were already using radios and to locations that did not use radios. 

Being the curious bunch that we are, we needed to know how the staff were communicating with each other if they weren't using radio. With the assistance of Southern Illinois University, we sent surveys to several hundred communities to find out. 

As expected, there were many different methods being used to try and communicate with each other including cell phones, business telephones, overhead paging, and simply yelling down the hallway, to name a few. However, after analyzing the data, what caught our eye was the amount of time being spent tracking down another team member when these other forms of communications failed. 

The data revealed that the average senior care staff member, regardless of position, spends an eye-popping 5.8 hours per week (over 300 hours per year) tracking down a fellow employee if they don't use radios. 


This results in an incredible waste of time, money, and resources, while dramatically lowering a community's productivity level. Having this knowledge in hand, makes it very easy to justify investing in two-way radios for your staff and your return on investment is basically instant. 


Why does the Hospitality industry use two-way radios? 

From small single-story buildings to huge multi-floor skyscrapers, you will be hard pressed to find a hotel/motel  that doesn't use two-way radios. Why? Because it's all about the guests and every department plays an important role in making sure that their experience is a great one. Housekeeping, Security, Guest Services, Valet, Bell Staff, Front Desk, Maintenance, and Management, are just some of the departments that depend on two-way radios to keep them connected at all times. The radios are a mandatory business tool for the hospitality industry and it's crucial to have a reliable, dependable business-grade equipment. That's where we come in. 

Sure-Response has been proudly serving the hospitality industry since 2008 and our two-way radios offer the quality and durability that you can count on. 


Why does the retail industry use two-way radios? 

More retailers than ever before are using two-way radios in their every-day operations. Why? There are many reasons such as instant communication among staff, enhanced safety and security, and better workflow to name a few. However, the number one reason for the huge increase in the number of retailers using two-way radios is to enhance the shopper's buying experience and customer service experience. 

Retailers are under a great deal of pressure to handle every customer's need quickly and efficiently and a two-way radio is a critical business tool to help make that happen. 

Sure-Response has been proudly serving the retail industry since 2008 and our two-way radios off the quality and durability that you can count on. 


Founded in 2008, Sure-Response is dedicated to providing you with the best communication solutions that are easy-to-use and reliable. We sell two-way radios (walkie-talkies) and whether for business or recreational use, we have the quality radios you can count on. Here are just some of the industries we provide radio solutions for: 


Agriculture, Bicycling, Boating, Camping, Construction, Dental Offices, Emergency Prep, Golf Courses, Hiking, Hotels, Hunting, Manufacturing, Medical Offices, Motorcycling, Nursing Homes, Retail, Restaurants, Security, Warehousing

We are an independently owned and operated manufacturer and dealer, meaning we have control over the production and quality of our Sure-Response radio products. This is our way of assuring that you get the very best equipment available in the marketplace every time you purchase from us. 

We are also proud to be a Hytera dealer which allows us to offer a wide array of radio products and accessories as Hytera is one of the largest producers of radio equipment in the world. 

**It's important to note that if you need to replace radios, you don't have to replace all of them at once. We send you a shipping label and have you send us one of your existing radios with a charger. We read your radio and program any new radios to be able to talk to your old ones**

All of our radios are business-grade. Durability with affordability is the one-two punch that separates Sure-Response from the competition. 

It's 2024. Why would I use walkie-talkies? I have a phone.

Cell phones are great. But what makes them great - the countless features they include, such as voice calls - also makes them a black hole of virtually limitless distractions

Walkie-talkies? One button, your whole team, no missed calls.

Instant communication without dialing and redialing and getting lost in the clutter.

We are on a mission to eliminate the waste resulting from bad communication. It's not just about communicating efficiently. It's not just about saving money. It's about making you and your business thrive. That's the promise of no-dial communication.

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"With Sure Response, we get the best quality of radios and the very best service and support."

- Ken Wilson, Prairie Manor Care Center